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This is my rest day.....

As I sit here on a Sunday and look around at the ever mounting tasks sitting in front of me, I start to work through my to do list and I find every reason to leave it for tomorrow. "It will still be there in the morning"; "I really didn't sleep well, I just want to relax"; "I worked hard all week I deserve a break".

Every day there are obstacles, every day there is trouble and the easiest thing to do is to wait till tomorrow and put off the most uncomfortable tasks to the next day. But the biggest question is why? Why do I need another 24 hours to get this done? Am I mentally not able to take it? Will another day give me more insight on how to complete this?

Let's be honest with ourselves, we wait one more day and what did you do in that 24 hours to prepare yourself more for that task? NOTHING, you are still uncomfortable, you are still tired and can think of a million other things that need your attention. Get uncomfortable, take action to win today, Every completed activity is a victory that we should celebrate. We all get the same 24 hours, how do you choose to spend it, what can you celebrate today?

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